Our Expertise


  • We will analyse stowage plans and loading plans, estimating the number of gangs required and drawing up discharging and loading plans.
  • We will take care of dangerous goods declarations, waste disposal, ISPS notices and advance cargo declarations.



  • We will arrange pilots, tugs, berths and cargo handling.
  • We will keep in constant touch with stevedores and the port authorities.
  • We will look after bunker operations, spare part delivery, provisions, repairs, surveys and more.


Crew services

  • We provide assistance to Master, crew and superintendents, including arranging cash for the master.
  • We will organise crew changes, issue invitation letters, clearances to board and visa formalities.



  • On sailing, we will issue and forward all necessary documents: N.O.R., S.O.F., B.L., manifests and so on.
  • We will follow up on outturn and loading reports, and other documents.
  • We will compile the disbursements account in the minimum amount of time, properly supported with original vouchers.


Our aim is always to achieve a smooth, speedy turnaround at the minimum cost


P2F Shipping N.V., Van Meterenkaai 1, B-2000 Antwerpen
Tel: 32 (0)3 202 02 08, E-mail:info@p2f.be